About Us

A perk for your tenants!

We offer an extensive array of hot and cold entrees, sandwiches, sides, snacks, desserts, and beverages for every taste and budget.

Our innovative menu is continually evolving in response to food and beverage trends and the requests of our customers. Many selections change daily, for even more variety.

Sit-down or carry-out service is available for breakfast, lunch and catering weekdays.

Our quick-response catering serves any formal or informal office event – on-site or off-site – meetings, seminars, parties, picnics.The Deli Time Value/Gift Card program offers discounts, incentives and express payment.

It’s about time… your time.

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Research indicates that quality on-site food service and other amenities help attract and maintain tenants. Employers realize that these conveniences are appreciated by employees and keep them on the premises more often during lunch breaks, so there is less downtime.

Our upscale stores add to the atmosphere of the property. Rent plans are flexible. Contracts can be customized to meet any company’s needs. By including a percentage of sales in rent plans, landlords can generate additional revenue, due to Deli Time’s high sales-per-tenant ratio.

Compare Deli Time to that of other commercial food service chains.

A tasteful asset to your building

Our promise to you:


“Quality food service above industry standards.”

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Good and good for you. Updated weekly. How could you not want to check ‘em out? Go on. You know you want to.